thruthemotions (thruthemotions) wrote in breathe_right,

My Bubble

living in a bubble, just won't let you in.
all you find is lonliness, deep inside, within.

completely isolated, in this dark bubble of mine;
can't let anybody enter, i'll just tell them that i'm fine.

smiling hurts more than anything, but i do it everyday;
to make people believe i'm happy, to turn them all away.

i'm finding all the reasons i should live, and reasons i should not;
one side of the scare is empty, but emptiness is all i've got.

i'm trying to find a person, who understands how i feel;
i thought i found this person, but it turns out she isn't real.

my heart is drenched in tears, my whole world is upside-down;
my mind is completely crisscrossed, and my lips are one big frown.

so i'll just stay in my bubble, and shut out the entire void;
just me in my dark shadow. i'm such a messed up guy.


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i really don't know what to say, because though i could say 'oh yes, i know how you feel' - yeah, but that really wouldn't be true, would it?

but i just thought i'd tell you that i read it at least, with my lack of anything better to say.
:) nonetheless; thank you for taking the time. Take care,

hey i was just searching through communities and found yours titled to a bush song so it intrigued me.I also rawk it to alot of the bands your into from billy talent, to saves the day.
just for the shakers and sparklers.
Awesome, thanks a lot. Take Care,